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Taking Care of the Logistics

The Organize Stage

Embedded in every ceremony idea are logistics requirements. After You&Me helps you shape the ceremony conceptually, the plan starts going into motion. 
After the concept is created, You&Me plans for the execution of the concept. Organizing with the venue for the recessional, rehearsing the processional, and managing the other aspects of the wedding ceremony are just part of what You&Me does to bring it all together. 
In the rehearsal dinner leading up to the big day, the Organize Stage really shows how the Concept Stage ideas manifest into being, like an artist creating music, and the symphony that follows.
In a way, You&Me functions as the orchestra conductor for a performance that changes the lives of a couple and their family forever. A performance that the families can both participate in and enjoy. And the best part- it comes from the couple's own imagination!
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